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My Stricklands

  Alsey T. Strickland

I have two Strickland lines, both in Nash County, North Carolina, as follows:
Reuben Strickland (1794-1877) m. Nancy Chamblee (1800-1884)
 John R. Strickland (1836-1864) m. Catherine Westray (1830-1918)
  Alsey T. Strickland (1860-1933) m. Geneva Bergeron(1862-1948)
   Roscoe Lee Strickland (1881-1976) m. Alma Morgan (1884-1975)
    Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997) m. Lucy Cole Durham (1925-2008)
     Roscoe Lee Strickland III

Lazarus Strickland (b. ca. 1792) m. Sallie
 Ferebee L. Strickland (ca. 1825-1860) m. Irvin Finch (1795-1880)
  Ferebee L. Finch (1860-1929) m. George W. Morgan (1851-1923)
   Alma Morgan (1884-1975) m. Roscoe Lee Strickland (1881-1976)
    Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997) m. Lucy Cole Durham (b. 1925)
     Roscoe Lee Strickland III

It is generally accepted that the name Strickland originated in England, coming from "stercaland," meaning the pasture land of young cattle. There are four townships in Westmorland County bearing variations of the name. Great and Little Strickland are in the parish of Morland, and Strickland Roger and Strickland Ketel are in the parish of Kendal. The people customarily took their name from the district in which they lived, and that is how the name "de Strikeland" came into existence around the twelfth century. The name changed to its present form in the fifteenth century.
The ancestry of my Nash County Stricklands has not been established, but it is known that some Stricklands came down from Isle of Wight County, Virginia, to Nash County. Others may have come from Duplin County, where some Stricklands settled in the late 1730's. The town of Magnolia in Duplin County was originally called Stricklandville. Its name was changed to Magnolia in 1857.

Reuben Strickland was a private during the War of 1812. He served in Capt. Isaac Watkins's Company from Nash County, First Regiment, North Carolina Militia, organized in August, 1814. He was discharged near Norfolk, Virginia. The records indicate his length of service was 56 days, but that he actually served 14 days and then provided a substitute for the balance. His pension application states that he received a land warrant of 160 acres for his service, but there is no indication of the date of the grant or the location of the land. I have found no record of any land grant for Reuben Strickland in North Carolina.
Reuben's pension application was submitted in 1871, and A. B. Baines and John Smith signed as witnesses on the Certificate of Loyalty. The pension application was rejected due to "insufficient service." After Reuben's death, Nancy applied for a widow's pension in 1878. A. B. Baines and Isaac Strickland signed as witnesses on the affidavit. Her application was rejected, but in 1879, upon further review, she was granted the pension and received eight dollars per month until her death in 1884 (SO 17765, WO 12637, WC 24427).

Ferebee Lafayette Finch Morgan wrote in 1921, "My Grandfather on my Mother's side was named Lazarus Strickland and his wife was named Sallie." The following names appear many times in various Nash County records:
     Lazarus Strickland
     Lazarus Strickland, Sr.
     Lazarus Strickland, Jr.
     Lazarus Strickland, son of Lazarus
     Lazarus Strickland, son of John
I do not know which one of these, if any, was the Lazarus Strickland referred to by Ferebee.

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