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My line:
William Smith (ca. 1723-1751) m. Letitia Hancock
 James Smith (1748-1807) m. Jane Ross (1752-1828)
  Catharine Smith (1798-1875) m. Moses Stone (ca. 1795-1844)
   Regina Minerva Stone (1824-1894) m. James W. Tracy (1819-1896)
    Catharine L. Tracy (1845-1933) m. Plato Durham (1840-1875)
     Plato Tracy Durham (1873-1930) m. Lucy Cole (1882-1958)
      Lucy Cole Durham (1925-2008) m. Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997)
       Roscoe Lee Strickland III

William Smith's will was probated in Fairfax County, Virginia, on September 24, 1751. It named his wife Letitia and sons James, Hancock, and William. Letitia was named executrix, and witnesses were Hugh Thomas, William Moon, and James Turley ("Abstracts of Wills and Inventories, Fairfax County, Virginia, 1742-1801," by J. Estelle Stewart King).
On March 19, 1773, Hancock Smith and William Smith, both of Berkley County, South Carolina, appointed their brother, James Smith of Orange County, North Carolina, "attorney in fact to take all steps necessary for the dorking of the Intail of a tract in the county of Fairfax, Colony of Virginia, left us by our father William Smith" (Miscellaneous Records, Vol. PP, pages 501-502, South Carolina Archives).

The following was written by Catherine Leonora Tracy Durham Dixon in a letter dated November 13, 1902, to her son, Robert Lee Durham:
"My mother's grandfather was Capt. James Smith (I do not know why he bore the 'Capt.'). He was born in Virginia in 1748--his home being near the place where the battle of Bull Run was fought in the late war. He married Jane Ross, a pretty girl of eighteen and native of Orange Co. this state, in August, 1870. I think they moved to S.C. soon after their marriage. His family objected to his marrying Miss Ross, as they did not think her family quite as good as theirs--they were very aristocratic. Perhaps that was the reason our great-grandfather moved from Va. to S.C. His mother was Letitia Hancock, and he named two of his children for her, his second daughter being 'Letitia Hancock,' and his fourth son 'Hancock'--there were twelve children, five sons and seven daughters, two of them (a son & daughter) died in childbirth. The names of the sons: William Henry, born in 1771, died in 1773; William Ross, born in 1773, died in 1818; James, Jr., born in 1782, died in 1827; my grandmother, Catharine Smith, was the youngest child, born in 1798, and was only nine years old when her father died (1807); this, I suppose, accounts for our not having more definite record of the family."

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