Rocky Strickland's Genealogy Morgan

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My line:
James Morgan (1707-1781) m. Elizabeth (d. 1790)
 John Morgan (1749-1837) m. Ruth Stallings (1750-1853)
  John Morgan, Jr. (1777-1841) m. Winnifred Richardson
   John Jackson Morgan (1816-1900) m. Martha Westray (1823-1860)
    George W. Morgan (1851-1923) m. Ferebee L. Finch (1860-1929)
     Alma Morgan (1884-1975) m. Roscoe Lee Strickland (1881-1976)
      Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997) m. Lucy Cole Durham (b. 1925-2008)
       Roscoe Lee Strickland III

The name Morgan is generally accepted to be Welsh in origin. Its meaning is "dweller by the sea." A James Morgan was born January 17, 1707, in Perquimans County, North Carolina, according to the Perquimans Church Register There is no proof that this was our James Morgan, but it is a good possibility.
Our James Morgan's will was written in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, and it was dated November 27, 1774. It was proved in Nash County Court in October, 1781, and named his wife, Elizabeth, and children, John, James, Henry, Hardy, Stone, and Bette Cealle.

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