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My line:
Thomas Jefferson (1653-1687) m. Mary Branch (b. 1657)
 Thomas Jefferson (1679-1730) m. Mary Field (1679-1715)
  Martha Jefferson (1712-1796) m. Bennett Goode (d. 1771)
   Lucy Goode (1760-1826) m. William Marshall (1757-1811)
    Elizabeth Marshall (1790-1852) m. Thomas Puryear (d. 1838)
     Mary Puryear (1829-1856) m. Thomas L. Jones (1822-1895)
      Elizabeth Jones (1855-1925) m. John N. Cole (1852-1915)
        Lucy Cole (1882-1958) m. Plato Tracy Durham (1873-1930)
         Lucy Cole Durham (1925-2008) m. Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997)
          Roscoe Lee Strickland III

According to "Virginia Cousins," by George Brown Goode, Thomas was the son of John Jefferson from Mt. Snowden, Wales, who came to Virginia in 1619 on the ship "Bonahara" as one of three commissioners sent over from England to look into the affairs of the colony. He was almost immediately made a Burgess, representing Flower de Hundred in the first Colonial Assembly called by Sir George Yeardley as Governor of Virginia in 1619. In 1626, he patented land at Archer's Hope, Virginia.
According to "Adventurers of Purse and Person," Thomas is the first certain Jefferson ancestor of Thomas Jefferson, the president. The John Jefferson who came in the "Bona Nova" and was in Elizabeth City, 1623/4, and at James City, 1624/5, went to the West Indies by 1628 (MCGC, p. 172) and left no descendants in Virginia.
Thomas Jefferson was living at Osbornes, on the James River in Henrico County, Virginia, in 1677. Christopher Branch, of Kingsland on the James River, in his will dated June 20, 1678, proved February 20, 1681, made a bequest to his granddaughter, Martha, wife of Thomas Jefferson, and appointed Thomas Jefferson one of the executors.
Martha petitioned for probate of Thomas's will, now lost, on December 7, 1697. His estate accounts, mentioning his children Thomas and Martha, were returned October 1, 1698 (Henrico County Wills & Deeds 1697-1704, p. 114).

Thomas Jefferson, son of above Thomas and grandfather of President Thomas Jefferson, was one of the founders of Yorktown, Virginia, in 1695. He married Mary Field in 1698, and they had six or seven children. In 1704, he owned 492 acres in Henrico County. He was a Justice of Henrico County in 1706, a Sheriff in 1718-19, and he served as a captain in the colonial militia. His will, dated March 15, 1723, was proved in Henrico County, Virginia, in April, 1731. It named his children Peter, Field, Mary, Martha, and Judith.

Martha Jefferson Goode was an aunt of President Thomas Jeffeson. Her will, dated January 11, 1791, was proved in Powhatan County, Virginia, on October 20, 1796.

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