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My line:
John Goode (1632-1709) m. Anne Bennett (d. 1707)
 John Goode (1670-1724) m. Mary Harris
  Bennett Goode (d. 1771) m. Martha Jefferson (1712-1796)
   Lucy Goode (1760-1826) m. William Marshall (1757-1811)
    Elizabeth Marshall (1790-1852) m. Thomas Puryear (d. 1838)
     Mary Puryear (1829-1856) m. Thomas L. Jones (1822-1895)
      Elizabeth Jones (1855-1925) m. John N. Cole (1852-1915)
       Lucy Cole (1882-1958) m. Plato Tracy Durham (1873-1930)
        Lucy Cole Durham (1925-2008) m. Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997)
         Roscoe Lee Strickland III

Goode is an English name. John Goode was born at Whitby, North Yorkshire, England, in 1632. He went to Barbados, and there he married Frances Mackerness, a daughter of Jacob Mackerness. She was born 1635 in Great Brington, Northampton, England.

John and Frances Goode moved to Virginia, and Frances died in childbirth in 1658. By 1661, John settled at a plantation on the colonial frontier near the present site of Richmond, which he named Whitby after his place of birth. His was the first house built on the James River near Richmond.

Goode married Anne Bennett after 1658. He was no longer young, but they had 11 children. By 1690, Goode had acquired 688 acres of land in Henrico County and 2270 acres in Chesterfield County. He died at Whitby in 1709. The old home was torn down after 1800. The plantation remained in the Goode family until 1876.

John Goode, son of John Goode above, was born 1670 at Whitby Plantation in Henrico County, Virginia. According to George Brown Goode, in his book Virginia Cousins, John Goode was killed by Indians. He related a story about his widow taking her children and moving to the southwestern boundary of the county and settling on the bank of the Roanoke River in what later became Mecklenburg County. Edward H. West ("Some of the Descendants of Edward Goode," National Genealogical Society Quarterly, December, 1957), said the court records contradict this, as on October 5, 1725, "Francis James who is married with Mary, Relict of John Goode, failed to appear to give an accounting on John Goode's Estate and is ordered to appear at the next Court." Francis James moved to Goochland County where he sold, in 1736, to John Goode of Henrico County, land on the south side of said Goode at Stoney Creek.

Bennett Goode, a prosperous planter, was born in Chesterfield County, Virginia, and grew up at Osbornes, a hamlet on the James River 15 miles below Whitby. He later settled in Powhatan County, on the James River near the mouth of Genito Creek.
There was reference in the Colonial Statues of 1842, of the establishing of a ferry from Bennett Goode's land across the James River to the land of Col. John Flemming, in Goochland County. This he sold in 1759, to a man named Jude, and it became known as Jude's Ferry. He then moved to a place on Fine Creek, about five miles away, which he later left to his son John. On September 5, 1768, 369 acres in Goochland County were granted to Bennett Goode.
The will of Bennett Goode was proved in Cumberland County, Virginia, on April 23, 1771. The will named his wife and children.

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