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My line:
Claiborne Finch (d. 1847) m. Sarah Hunt (d. 1846)
 Irvin Finch (1795-1880) m. Ferebee Lafayette Strickland (d. 1860)
  Ferebee L. Finch (1860-1929) m. George W. Morgan (1851-1923)
   Alma Morgan (1884-1975) m. Roscoe Lee Strickland (1881-1976)
    Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997) m. Lucy Cole Durham (b. 1925-2008)
      Roscoe Lee Strickland III

According to J. D. Finch in his book, "Genealogy of Finch Families Who Are Same Clan," there were a good many Finches in Granville County, and he thought Claiborne may have been from there. He wrote, "After the marriage they came to Nash County, North Carolina, and settled upon a large body of land, and began their farm life. The place which they selected, and upon which they built a home, lived and died, is about two miles northwest of Mount Pleasant Methodist Church in Nash County, North Carolina. Since their death the name of the old plantation changed a few times. For several years it was known as the Morgan Place, then the Marshburn Place, Mr. Marshburn having built the first tobacco-curing barns upon it. Later a Mr. Bottoms bought the place, and it is now [1948] owned by Willie Bottoms. But the buildings on the place now are possibly two or three hundreds farther west than when first built."

J. D. Finch wrote that Irvin Finch and his first wife, Susan Morgan, "...settled in a home about one mile southwest of Mount Pleasant Methodist Church, in Nash County, North Carolina, and owned a large tract of land and a good many slaves at the close of the Confederate War. He was a very successful farmer and one of the leading citizens of his County."
Irvin Finch was a Justice of the Peace of Nash County in 1837. The 1852 tax list of Nash County listed Irvin Finch with 1497 acres of land and 10 slaves. A survey of consolidated lands made for Irvin Finch by Mc. Brantley, surveyor, was dated July 7, 1875. The total was 1161 acres on the Nashville Road and Wilson and Raleigh Road adjoining the heirs of Sion Sanders, the heirs of Benjamin Glover, W. R. J. W. Finch, the heirs of Wm. A. Glover, Mercity Vick, Abijah Griffin, Martha Finch, McBrantley, H. B. Finch, Ben Finch, and the Wilders Mill Branch. Reg. July 10, 1785 (Nash Count, North Carolina, Deed Book 22, page 251).
Irvin Finch's will was dated January 17, 1878, and it was probated in Nash County, North Carolina, on August 2, 1880. He left to his oldest son Calvin R Finch 332-1/4 acres "where he now lives" joining Smithfield Road, Sanders, and George Finch. He left to his son Peyton M. Finch 213 acres on Mocason Creek near Lees Chapel Church called the Barney Driver land, and also 239 acres joining H. B. Finch and B. B. Finch. He left to his youngest daughter Ferebee L. Morgan 590 acres, with reversion to Calvin R. Finch and Peyton M. Finch if she should die without heir. He also left to her his household furniture and some livestock. Executor was friend George N. Lewis, and witnesses were Wesley Privett and John E. Taylor.

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