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My line:
Theophillus Field (1575-1636) m. ???
 James Field (b. 1604) m. ???
  Peter Field (d. 1707) m. Judith Soane (1648-1704)
   Mary Field (1679-1715) m. Thomas Jefferson (1679-1730)
    Martha Jefferson (1712-1796) m. Bennett Goode (d. 1771)
     Lucy Goode (1760-1826) m. William Marshall (1757-1811)
      Elizabeth Marshall (1790-1852) m. Thomas Puryear (d. 1838)
       Mary Puryear (1829-1856) m. Thomas L. Jones (1822-1895)
        Elizabeth Jones (1855-1925) m. John N. Cole (1852-1915)
         Lucy Cole (1882-1958) m. Plato Tracy Durham (1873-1930)
          Lucy Cole Durham (1925-2008) m. Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997)
           Roscoe Lee Strickland III

James Field came from England on the ship Swan in 1624. Not being of age and wishing to pass without any formalities, he was listed as a servant. Many who subsequently became prominent in the affairs of Virginia Colony came over as servants, which allowed them to pass with friends without securing a certificate to the effect that they were good and lawful subjects to the king and the Church of England. James settled in Henrico County, Virginia.

Major Peter Field was a public figure during colonial times. Several of his descendants joined the Colonial Dames based on his public service. He was born Charles City County, Virginia ca. 1647. By 1678, he moved to Henrico County, Virginia, and his home was named Curtis Plantation. In the levy of 1678, he was assessed with seven tithables. On October 21, 1678, Peter married Judith Soane Randolph, widow of Henry Randolph and daughter of Henry Soane, Speaker of the House of Burgesses. On November 15, 1678, Peter was commissioned Justice of the Peace in Henrico County, and he also served as a major in the colonial militia.
Shortly before his death, Peter moved to New Kent County, Virginia, and there is a record in the New Kent Parish Register of his death on July 24, 1707, and burial on July 29. A deed on record there in August, 1707, speaks of him as deceased. In July, 1709, there was recorded a deed from Thomas Jefferson and his wife Mary, daughter of Peter Field, late of New Kent County, deceased. On August, 1711, a deed from John Archer and Martha, his wife, to William Randolph, for 961 acres left Martha by will of Peter Field.

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