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My line:
Lewis Delony m. ???
 Henry Delony (d. 1785) m. Rebecca Brodnax
  Lucy Delony m. Benjamin Hicks
   Lucy D. Hicks m. Ludwell Jones
    Thomas L. Jones (1822-1895) m. Mary Puryear (1829-1856
     Elizabeth Jones (1855-1925) m. John N. Cole (1852-1915)
      Lucy Cole (1882-1958) m. Plato Tracy Durham (1873-1930)
       Lucy Cole Durham (1925-2008) m. Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997)
        Roscoe Lee Strickland III

A land patent was granted to Lewis Delony in 1743 in Brunswick County, Virginia, for 7,197 acres, but the several tracts were not adjoining or contiguous. In 1747-48, Lewis was a member of the first bench of justices of Lunenburg County, Virginia. Later, he was a justice in Pittsylvania County.

Henry Delony was prominent in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, affairs. He helped organize the county in 1765 and was one of the first Justices. He was elected "Gentleman Justice" four times. He was recommended to the Governor to be Colonel of Mecklenburg County Militia in 1777, and he was a patriot during the Revolutionary War.
The marriage bond for Henry Delony of Lunenburg County and Rebecca Walker, widow of Alexander Walker, nee Broadnax, was dated May 11, 1753 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Surety was John Maclin (Brunswick County Marriage Bonds).
Henry Delony owned 2,000 acres of land left to him by his father, Lewis Delony, in the part of Brunswick County, Virginia, which later became Lunenburg County, and then Mecklenburg County. He built a home named Sycamore Lodge on Goode's Ferry Road prior to the Revolutionary War. When he died, he left the home to his wife, Rebecca Brodnax, for life and then to his youngest son, Edward Delony, who was a minor when his father died in 1785.

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