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My line:
Robert Chamblee (ca. 1740-1819) m. Esther or Hester
 James B. Chamblee (d. 1836) m. Chloe Massey
  Nancy Chamblee (1800-1884) m. Reuben Strickland (1794-1877)
   John Robert Strickland (1836-1864) m. Catherine Westray (1830-1918)
    Alsey T. Strickland (1860-1933) m. Geneva Bergeron(1862-1948)
     Roscoe Lee Strickland (1881-1976) m. Alma Morgan (1884-1975)
      Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997) m. Lucy Cole Durham (1925-2008)
       Roscoe Lee Strickland III

The Chamblee name may be of French origin, meaning one from the region of Chambly or Chamilly. This region is in the Normandy area of France. It is thought by some researchers that the Chamblees of North America came from France to England and Scotland with William the Conqueror in 1066 A.D. and later to America. The name has many spellings, including Chamblee, Chamlee, Chambley, Chamblay, Chamley, Chambliss, Shamblee, Shambley, and Shamley.

It is thought by some that there were six Chamblee brothers in North Carolina in the late 1770s. They were William, John, Isaac, Robert, Jacob, and George. They are all mentioned in land deeds or other documents. George and wife Sarah went to Anderson County, South Carolina. The descendants of Jacob spell their name Chamlee. There is also conjecture that there was a sister named Sarah who married Joshua Burress. They were in Wake County before moving to Anderson County. William went to Georgia, and some of his descendants spell their name Chambliss.

The background of Robert Chamblee is not known. It is likely that he was born in either Bertie County, North Carolina, or Prince George County, Virginia. His father may have been John Chamblee, who was too old or sick to pay taxes, or perhaps an early William Chamblee who was mentioned in Wake County records.

A deed dated September 25, 1773, in Bute County, North Carolina, conveyed land from Robert Chamblee, planter of Wake County, North Carolina, to John Amos of Bute County, North Carolina, for 40. The land was described as being the place where said Chamblee did live. It included a manor home, and it was located on the south side of Flat Rock Creek to mouth of Rocky Branch, adjoining William Mainer. (Deed Book 5, page 196, Bute County, North Carolina).

On September 2, 1777, Robert and Hester Chamblee of Wake County, North Carolina, were parties to a personal injury suit, in which they were found guilty. Robert was under indictment for petty larceny, but was found not guilty. On January 7, 1779, Robert Chamblee purchased 640 acres of land in Wake County. In September, 1782, he purchased another 640 acres in Wake County.

A Robert Chumley was listed as a soldier in the Revolutionary War from Halifax District, North Carolina, in the late 1770's. He may have served a few days, but apparently he paid Frederick Strickland to take his place. The 1790 census of Wake County listed the Robert Chambley household with 3 males under 16, 2 males over 16, and 4 females. The 1800 census of Wake County listed Robert as over 45 years with 4 children in the household.

The will of Robert Chamblee was dated April 22, 1819, in Wake County, North Carolina. It mentioned Milly Massey, Winny Massey, Elizabeth Bolton, Sarah Hinton, Benjamin W., James B., John Bagwell, John, Jarrod, William, Ruthy Bolton, and Polly Bolton. There was no mention of a wife. Witnesses were Willis Privette and William Jones. The will was probated February 7, 1820 (North Carolina Archives, loose wills).

James B. Chamblee was named in the will of his father, Robert Chamblee. He was mentioned in various Wake, Johnston, and Franklin County records. His family was listed in the 1790 census of the Hillsborough District, Wake County, with 1 male under 16, 1 male over 16, and 1 female over 16.

On April 10, 1812, James Chamblee was listed on the muster roll of First Company, detached from Wake Regiment for War of 1812. (Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of 1812 War).

After the death of his first wife, Chloe Massey, probably in childbirth, James married Nancy Pippin. Their marriage bond was dated February 8, 1813, in Wake County, and Zadock Bell was named as bondsman.

According to Wake County estate records, James Chamblee died intestate on March 23, 1836. His second wife and widow, Nancy, filed a petition for dower and was granted a year's provisions. The petition named eleven of James's children, nine from his first marriage and two from his second marriage. Those named were Richard, Robert, Isham, Delany, Lettey, Nancy, Mary, Salley, Cynthia, John, and Milley. On May 16, 1836, Benjamin Marriott was appointed administrator of the estate and entered into bond. The division of James Chamblee's property was recorded on November 3, 1837. The following heirs were named: Mary Ferrell, Cynthia Horton, Richard Chamblee, Delany Chamblee, Isham Chamblee, John Chamblee, Nancy Strickland, Leathy Bizard, Sally Todd, Milly Chamblee, and Robert Chamblee. According to the estate records, Richard Chamblee, Robert Chamblee, and Isham Chamblee were residing outside the state.

The marriage Bond for Reuben Strickland and Nancy Chamblee was dated January 11, 1816, in Wake County, North Carolina. Reuben and Nancy lived near Stanhope in Nash County, and they had six children. After Reuben's death, Nancy was listed as 80 years old and living with her grandson, J. L. Strickland, in the 1880 census of Nash County. In 1879, she was granted a widow's pension based on her husband's service in the War of 1812. She received eight dollars per month until her death. Correspondence from Mc. Brantley, Postmaster at Stanhope, North Carolina, to the Pension Office, Department of the Interior, stated that Nancy Strickland died on October 28, 1884 (SO 17765, WO 12637, WC 24427).

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