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My line:
Benjamin Bunn (1765-1819) m. Katherine Massey (1767-1825)
 James B. Bunn (1795-1872) m. Obedience O'Neal (d. 1876)
  Demaris Bunn (1834-1927) m. William B. Bergeron 1822-1870)
   Geneva Bergeron(1862-1948) m. Alsey T. Strickland (1860-1933)
    Roscoe Lee Strickland (1881-1976) m. Alma Morgan (1884-1975)
     Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997) m. Lucy Cole Durham (b. 1925-2008)
      Roscoe Lee Strickland III

The name Bunn is French in origin. As a personal name, it would be from the Old French word bon meaning "good." As a place name, it would indicate a man from Bohon, France. The name, by various spellings is also found in England as early as the thirteenth century.
Benjamin Bunn (1765-1819) was a resident of Wake County, North Carolina, as early as 1784, at which time he bought land from Richard Massey. He amassed a great deal of land in Wake County, most of it lying on Moccasin Creek and its branches, and some also on Little River. According to the 1814 tax list of Wake County, he owned 3,115-1/2 acres. He also had some land in Franklin County.
Benjamin Bunn's will, written 15 March 1816, was probated in Wake County Court in 1820. The will named his wife Catrin, sons Cade Bunn, Bud Bunn, James Bunn, Bennett Bunn and Berry Bunn, and daughter Clary Ann Bunn.
The exact location of the Benjamin Bunn homeplace is not known, but it was very likely northeast of Zebulon in the area where Bunn Lake is now located.

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