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Christopher Branch (1602-1682) m. Mary Addie
 Christopher Branch (ca. 1628-1665) m. ???
  Mary Branch (b. 1657) m. Thomas Jefferson (1653-1687)
   Thomas Jefferson (1679-1730) m. Mary Field (1679-1715)
    Martha Jefferson (1712-1796) m. Bennett Goode (d. 1771)
     Lucy Goode (1760-1826) m. William Marshall (1757-1811)
      Eliz. Marshall (1790-1852) m. Thomas Puryear (d. 1838)
       Mary Puryear (1829-1856) m. Thomas L. Jones (1822-1895)
        Elizabeth Jones (1855-1925) m. John Cole (1852-1915)
         Lucy Cole (1882-1958) m. Plato T. Durham (1873-1930)
          Lucy Cole Durham (1925-2008) m. Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997)
           Roscoe Lee Strickland III

Christopher Branch (1602-1682) was born in Kent County, England. He married at the age of 17, shortly before leaving England. The marriage record reads as follows: "September 2, 1619 - Christopher Branche, Gentlemen, and Mary Addie, spinster, daughter of Francis Addie of Darton, County York, husbandman; at St. Peter's, Westcheap, London" (Marriage Licenses, London, Harleian Publications, Volume XXVI, Part 2, page 78).
Christopher and Mary Branch sailed to Virginia on the "London Merchant" in 1620, and eventually settled at Kingsland Plantation on the south side of the James River in Henrico (now Chesterfield) County. The census of January, 1625, listed Christopher Branch, his wife, Mary, and son, Thomas. Christopher was a member of the House of Burgesses from Henrico County in 1629.
On October 20, 1634, Christopher Branch patented one hundred acres of land on the south side of the Appomattox River. In September, 1636, he patented land in the same section as the first patent, and on December 18, 1636, he patented 250 acres known as Kingsland Plantation.
Christopher Branch wrote his will in Henrico County, Virginia, in 1678, and he named his son, Thomas, and grandchildren, Christopher, Samuel, and Benjamin, sons of his son Christopher.
According to Adventures of Purse and Person, page 134, "Christopher Branch, born about 1628, removed from Henrico to Charles City County where, in 1657 at the age of 29, he was appointed justice. The inventory of his estate was made 24 Nov 1665 by William Farrar."
There is some doubt as to the father of Mary Branch (b. 1657), but all sources agree that she was the granddaughter of Christopher Branch and Mary Addie. Most sources say her father was Christopher, but at least one says it was William.

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