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My line:
Elisha Bergeron m. Sarah ???
 William Benjamin Bergeron (1822-1870) m. Demaris Bunn (1834-1927)
  Geneva Ann Bergeron(1862-1948) m. Alsey Strickland (1860-1933)
   Roscoe Lee Strickland (1881-1976) m. Alma Morgan (1884-1975)
    Roscoe Lee Strickland, Jr. (1917-1997) m. Lucy Cole Durham (b. 1925-2008)
     Roscoe Lee Strickland III

Family tradition is that the Bergerons were Huguenots who immigrated from France to North Carolina during the late 1600's. The earliest Bergeron record found so far is for Judith Bergeron. She was a resident of Beaufort County, North Carolina, when she wrote her will on November 14, 1742. Her will was probated in Beaufort County in December, 1742. The children named in her will were Elias, John, Judeth, Jean, and Margaret. Elias or John may have been the grandfather or great-grandfather of Elisha, because Elisha had sons named Elias and John which may have been passed down through the generations. Although John is not unusual, the name Elias is rarely encountered.
All of Elisha Bergeron's children are included in his will, written December 23, 1835, in Greene County, North Carolina. All of the children are described on that date as being under 21 years of age.
William B. Bergeron's will was written October 18, 1870, in Nash County, North Carolina, and it was probated there on November 18, 1870. Wesley Privett, his wife's brother-in-law, was the executor, and witnesses were Green B. Brantley and James R. Whitley. He left all his estate to his wife Demaris Bergeron, during her lifetime, then to his children. The probate records listed children James R., William B., John, Jeneva Ann, Francis N., Elisha, and a young child whose name was not given.

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